Tuna Fishing Charters in Portland

For a very long time now we have been noticing that in the months of April through August, tuna swims wildly around the Portland and Port Fairy bay area in Victoria.

With an amazing volume of fish available for the catch by only the best fisherman, our days have long become memorised by the complexity of going on a fishing charter in Portland such as here. Thanks to a fully equipped boat, tackle and equipment, we are able to successfully and happily indulge in a charter which goes for a couple of hours headed by a famous expert himself Mr Bagout.

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One of my most rewarding experiences was when I originally went on a Snapper Fishing Charter in Carrum.I was sick on this day because of the swell that I had experienced. Of course, we had to leave very early in the morning (6:00am) in fact so this meant I had very little option to be prepared, especially seeing as the night was filled with alcohol before ;)

If you are planning on hiring an expert bluefin tuna expert, rely on Andrew, he truly is the most resident expert in tuna fishing. For so long now he has been regarded as the most affluent and approachable fisherman I have ever come across, he even has his first fish that he caught as a taxidermy in his lounge room, well isn’t that just hilarious lol :) ,

I would strongly suggest considering this charter group. If you want to know the costs of tuna fishing in Portland go to this page.

That is all we can really suggest, get out in the sun and catch some tunas, you’ll love them just like little Japanese boys do too!

Have a great time fishing and if you have any questions call them they will be happy to help.

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